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The Top 15 Best Skateboard Stickers

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Are you looking for a pack of stickers to customize your skateboard? Want to give it the style it deserves by decorating it with the prettiest stickers the internet has to offer? Do you have ideas in mind but don't know where to start?

So welcome to our Top 15 Best Skateboard Stickers.

"Whether you are a beginner or a skateboard aficionado, using stickers on your skateboard has become an effective and fashionable way to easily personalize it and adopt your own style. "

In recent years, skateboard decals (or Sticker Bomb) have become essential in order to bring an extra touch to your skateboard.

In this blog post, we have selected for our dear readers Le top du top! The best ! The best of the best of Stickers!


Never mind :

  • whether you are a boy or a girl;
  • that you own a Skateboard, a Longboard, a Cruiser, a Freeboard, a One Wheel and so on;
  • whether you're looking for glossy or matte stickers;
  • whether you want to give your skateboard a Rock n Roll, Graffiti or Vintage side;
  • or that you prefer Manga to Cartoons (or vice versa);

You will inevitably find your happiness in this top 15 of the best skateboard stickers.

In addition, there is a surprise for you if you reach the end of the article 😉

So hold on tight because here we go!

ISSUE #1: Skateboard Stickers

Largely at the top of the best sellers at StickyStickers, the Skate Stickers Pack is composed of 100 stickers of skateboard logos of all kinds.


Description of the Skateboard Stickers Pack

With a glossy finish, these stickers are very popular with the Skateboard community . Composed of Thrasher Stickers, Santa Cruz Stickers or even Spitfire Stickers, they will allow you to decorate your board but not only!

You can stick some on your helmet or even on your computer to have the Pro Skater look on all your favorite objects!


  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Special feature: Skateboard brand stickers for a Nyjah Huston style!

ISSUE #2: Black and White Skateboard Stickers

Ideal for all fans of a more sober skateboard decoration, here is the pack of Black and White Skateboard Stickers .


Description of the Black and White Skateboard Sticker Pack

Composed of 120 stickers with designs diverted in graffiti mode, this pack brings together a lot of references with TV series, such as Breaking Bad (there is a sticker of Heisenberg's head drawn by hand), or even Che, the Simpsons, the Peace and Love logo, Rock, etc.

An explosive mix that is made to fully customize the underside of your skate in a Black & White spirit .

Personally, I think this pack would go perfectly with a small pair of classic black and white Vans. The rendering would be great.


  • Quantity: 120 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Particularity: only Black and White!

ISSUE #3: Skateboard Stickers

If you prefer classic to shiny, then these stickers are for you. Indeed, unlike the pack of Skate Stickers, this one is printed with matte paper.


Description of the Skateboard Stickers Pack

With its 50 pieces, the Skateboard Stickers pack will allow you to decorate your board with skate logo stickers.

You will find your favorite brands with DC Stickers, Mob Grip or even Thrasher.


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Particularity: composed of stickers of the most famous underground and skate brands

ISSUE #4: Drew House Stickers

Before talking to you about anything other than Skateboard brands, we had to finish the Drew House Stickers pack. Drew House, for those who don't know, is an exclusive clothing brand much like Supreme, which is owned by the famous singer Justin Bieber.


Drew House Sticker Pack Description

In a yellow tone with cute and saucy stickers, this sticker pack is perfect for all fans of Justin's streetwear brand, but also for budding skateboarders.

Besides, if you have a Justin fan around you, this sticker pack is the very definition of a simple and effective gift.


  • Quantity: 50
  • Lamination: Matte
  • Special feature: Justin Bieber's brand in a completely Skate pack!

Discover the Drew House website:

ISSUE #5: Holographic Skate Stickers

Aren't you afraid to show your difference? Are you looking for an even more flashy and totally unique style?


Description of the pack of Holographic Skate Stickers

Discover the pack of Holographic Skate Stickers . Placed in position number 5 in our ranking of the best skateboard stickers, this pack is a decorative gem.

It is made up of super fun stickers, completely crossed out, with skate brand logos!

They will allow you to give a "metallic rainbow" look below your board, thanks to their reflection effect.


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Special feature: the stickers give your board a unique and really classy effect!

Discover its twin pack, the VSCO Holographic Stickers pack.

ISSUE #6: Vintage USA Stickers

For a very long time ranked at the top of the best sellers, the Vintage USA Stickers Pack is a must-have.


Description of the Vintage USA Stickers Pack

It brings together larger than average stickers with incomparable quality. Its glossy coating gives it a new effect, which will allow you to restore the underside of your skateboard deck damaged by outings to the Skate Park.

In this pack you will find Anonymous stickers, stickers with Obama's face, or even stickers on the spirit of skateboarding and rock!


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Particularity: a mix of stickers in a vintage style with crazy designs!

ISSUE #7: Surf Stickers

For all the surf-loving skaters and for all those who live in the 64 (but not only), this sticker pack is absolutely fantastic!


Description of the Surf Stickers Pack

Composed of ultra water-resistant stickers , you can then use them on your skateboard but also on your surfboard or your wakeboard.

Because of their design, the Surf Stickers are also ideal for decorating your Longboard board for a Miami Beach style.


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Special feature: ultra water-resistant stickers perfect for surfers.

ISSUE #8: DBZ Stickers

For all fans of the most famous Manga of all time, we couldn't miss this awesome DBZ Stickers pack drawn in Fan Art mode.


Description of the DBZ Sticker Pack

With its great colors, black outlines and matte coating, these stickers will give a unique style under your board.

The designs are breathtaking and the rendering once glued is just awesome!

If you want to find out more about it, I also suggest you take a look at our article on the customization of a Mini Cooper with this pack.

👉 See: How to decorate a car with Stickers?


  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Special feature: find your favorite manga in an absolutely fantastic Dragon Ball Fan Art pack!

ISSUE #9: Aliens Skateboard Stickers

For all those who want a decoration in alien mode, the Aliens Skateboard Stickers pack is perfect to bring a nice touch of green and fun to your skateboard!


Description of the Aliens Skateboard Stickers Pack

It is made up of Martians with super funny and completely sassy facial expressions. There are UFOs, Martian ships or a whole bunch of green men.

A fantastic way to customize your board with supernatural mode!


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Particularity: stickers from elsewhere to ride like a UFO

NUMBER #10: Shiny Rock Stickers

Are you a Rock N roll fan and want to highlight it on your Skateboard? Then this pack is made for you!


Description of the Shiny Rock Stickers Pack

With its shiny vinyl coating, you will find in the Shiny Rock Stickers pack a lot of rock band logos, designs diverted from Gorillaz or Hell Yeah and many others!

Of course, these rock-themed stickers can very well be stuck on a guitar for a personalization that is worth the detour!


  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • Lamination: Glossy
  • Special feature: the greatest rock bands in a single Pack!

ISSUE #11: Pastel VSCO Stickers

In number 11, we offer you a pack aimed more at girls, even if it is not excluded for boys.


Description of the VSCO Pastel Stickers Pack

The VSCO Pastel Stickers pack is totally in keeping with the Instagram decor spirit. Indeed, thanks to him, you will be able to personalize your board but also your Macbook, your water bottle, your notebooks or even your secret diary.

Once the customization is finished, what could be better than a great story to share with your friends!


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Particularity: girly, cute, pink and pastel tones

ISSUE #12: MTV Skate Stickers

It's colorful like never before and will take you back to the best underground channel of the 90's.


Description of the MTV Skate Stickers Pack

The MTV Skate Sticker Pack is one of a kind. Composed of logos diverted from the famous channel on urban culture, the stickers gathered in this set of 50 pieces will give your board an overly stylish retro effect that will make more than one jealous!

If you like colorful decorations then this pack is for you!


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Particularity: perfect stickers for skaters of the 90's generation!

ISSUE #13: Stranger Things Skate Stickers

The ideal gift for all Netflix cardboard fans of recent years, to customize their skateboard in the colors of their favorite TV series.


Description of the Stranger Things Skate Stickers Pack

Find all the mystery of the upside down world, as well as the imagination of the different characters of the coolest TV show that exists thanks to the pack of Stranger Things Skate Stickers .

You can then decorate your board with stickers of Dustin, Mike, Will, Lucas or even Eleven; but also with the logo of the series diverted and many other really nice designs. 


ISSUE #14: Star Wars Skateboard Stickers

Second to last, we find the funniest Star Wars Skateboard Stickers pack that exists, to bring Star Wars to the Skate Park.


Description of the Star Wars Skateboard Stickers Pack

With a dominance of StormTroopers hijacked in every way, the Star Wars Skateboard Sticker Pack is absolutely brilliant in terms of the quality and creativity of its designs.

You will also find stickers of Darth Vader, Choubaka, even Starbucks parodied in Star Wars Coffee for a skateboard à la Obi-Wan Kenobi.


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Particularity: ultra imaginative designs around the world of Star Wars, ideal for skate Padawans.

ISSUE #15: Skull Stickers

To finish this top 15, if you like skeletons and skulls, we invite you to discover a maxi pack composed only of skulls, zombies and dead things.


Description of the Skull Stickers Pack

Composed of 150 stickers, the Skull Sticker Pack will allow you to customize much more than your skateboard. You can easily stick them on a motorcycle for a great Biker look, but also on your computer or your car.

Water and weather resistant, they will keep their colors longer.


  • Quantity: 50 pieces
  • Lamination: glossy
  • Particularity: stickers of skulls, bones and skeletons, in all forms

BONUS NUMBER: Supreme Skate Stickers

To finish this top 15 of the best skateboard stickers in style, we offer you a last super sought-after and almost impossible to find pack!


Description of the Supreme Skate Stickers Pack

The Supreme Skate Stickers pack brings together a lot of ultra cool and super underground universes. With its red and its imaginary associations like with the Simpsons, Dragon Ball... it is all the more unique!

There are also boxing glove stickers, logo stickers and many more. The designs in this pack are all from Fan Art.

Last I heard, this ultra rare pack is limited edition , so don't wait to get yours.


  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • Lamination: matte
  • Special feature: limited edition
" Here is our top 15 of the best stickers for skateboard is finished and it's already not bad! "

In order to thank you for having read the article to the end, the lesStickyStickers team is offering you a super discount of 20% valid on the whole site thanks to the promo code: SKATE20

A good way to get cheap stickers to customize your Skateboard like a boss and give it the style it deserves!

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Finally, if you ever needed more reading about skateboard decoration, I suggest you discover the following blog article: Customize your Skateboard: techniques and tips .

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