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Fridge Stickers - Personalize your fridge with our unique designs

Welcome to Sticky Stickers' fridge sticker category! Are you looking for a quick and easy way to give your refrigerator a new look ? You are in the right place ! We offer a wide selection of fridge stickers, designed to fit all sizes and shapes of fridges. Whether you are looking to add a splash of color , a touch of humor or a personal touch to your kitchen , our fridge stickers are the perfect solution .

We have fridge stickers for every taste and every occasion. You can choose from our unique, fun designs and two cute animals.

You can find fridge and refrigerator stickers with different themes: food, animals, landscapes, geometric shapes, inspirational phrases, cartoons, famous people and much more. Whatever your personality or decorating style, we have a decal for you.

Stickers for all occasions

Our fridge and refrigerator stickers are suitable for any occasion. Whether you are looking for stickers to decorate your kitchen during the holiday season, to brighten up a rainy day, or to add a touch of fantasy to your daily life, we have the sticker you need!

Our fridge stickers are made from high quality materials, which means they are durable and water and heat resistant, which means they are safe to use in your kitchen . They are easy to apply and remove, allowing you to change your kitchen decor as often as you like. You can use them to cover the whole fridge or just to add a decorative touch to a specific part. Plus, they don't leave any sticky residue or glue marks when removed, so you can easily change or replace them as you see fit.

Easy to apply and remove

At Sticky Stickers, we've made applying our fridge stickers as easy as possible. Here are some tips to help you apply your stickers:

    1. Clean the surface of the fridge or refrigerator with a clean, dry cloth to remove any traces of dust or grease.
    2. Place the decal on the surface of the fridge or refrigerator making sure it is aligned and centered.
    3. Apply firm pressure to the decal with your fingers or a squeegee to remove air bubbles and adhere the decal to the surface. Alternatively, use a credit card or scraper to apply the decal firmly to the surface. Then start from the center of the sticker and work towards the edges.
    4. Smooth the sticker: Smooth the sticker with your hand or with a scraper to remove all air bubbles.

If you have any difficulty applying the sticker, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Order now!

We pride ourselves on offering top quality fridge stickers at affordable prices . Browse our selection of fridge and refrigerator stickers on Sticky Stickers and choose the designs that best suit your style.

We also offer fast, reliable delivery and excellent customer service to ensure you have a pleasant and worry-free shopping experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers:

Are the stickers easy to remove?

Yes, our stickers are easy to remove. Just slowly peel them off the surface using a plastic squeegee or credit card to remove any remaining glue residue.

Can the stickers be used on all types of fridge?

Yes, our stickers can be used on any surface.

How long does an interior door sticker last?

The lifespan of a sticker depends on several factors, including the quality of the material used and where it is placed. At Sticky Stickers , our stickers are made from high quality materials to ensure a long life.

How do I clean an interior door sticker?

It is best to use a damp cloth to clean a sticker. Avoid using harsh cleaning products which could damage the sticker.

In short, at Sticky Stickers, we believe decorating your home should be fun and easy. Our fridge stickers are a great way to breathe new life into your fridge without having to spend a fortune. Browse our selection of fridge stickers now and find the perfect design for your kitchen!