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Welcome to our Skateboard Stickers Collection

Become the star of the skate park by decorating your board with the sticker packs from our collection of Skate Stickers .

Choose from nearly a hundred sets specially designed to personalize your skateboard. Whether you are a pro skater, a weekend skateboarder or just a fan of skate style, you are bound to find the stickers of your dreams in this perfect collection for your Sticker Bombing project.

Varied and unique Skate Stickers

If your goal is to make your skateboard one of a kind, then you've come to the right place. theStickyStickers offer you a wide range of Skateboard Stickers .

You will find different models such as the pack of Vintage Skateboard Stickers , the pack of Brand Stickers or the range of Graffiti Stickers. You can even find quirky designs like the Rick and Morty Stickers or the South Park Sticker Pack for example.

Let your imagination run wild, choose the illustrations you prefer to create the skateboard that suits you. Innovate and decorate endlessly by varying colors and shapes. These Aesthetics Stickers will be your assets to have a decoration that comes out of the banality.

Extreme Sports Aesthetics Stickers

Of course, Skate Stickers does not mean that you can use these stickers on a board only. Thanks to their vinyl coating, they are of a reinforced quality and more resistant to water and UVs than classic stickers. You can then customize with a scooter, a BMX, Skis or even a Surfboard, as well as any other material relating to extreme sports.

Today, every great skateboarder has a custom skin on their skateboard. This is for example the case of Nyjah Huston.

With our collection of Skate Stickers , you too can compose a look that suits you. So you will have a style 100% dedicated to your own universe. You can also imitate the decoration of your favorite skateboarder or revisit it to your liking.

Skate Helmet Vinyl Stickers

The skate helmet is an essential accessory to protect yourself. Being just as visible as the board itself, decorating it will allow you to display your style and originality even more. To do this, you can adopt the same style that you will apply to your board so that they are complementary.

You can also alternate colors. For example, a pack of Yellow Graffiti Stickers on the Skateboard and a pack of Red Graffiti Stickers on the helmet would give consistency to your Sticker Bombing.

Our Skate Stickers can also be used on other objects of your choice. You don't need to have a skateboard to look like a skater. Skate Stickers are perfect for customizing your computer, a suitcase or even a motorcycle.

Ultra Resistant Skateboard Stickers

Our Vinyl Skate Stickers are much sturdier than traditional paper stickers. Water and UV resistant with a special lamination, they are perfectly suited to the requirements of the Skateboard which can face splashes and the sun. This coating will then give a new skin to your skateboard with Stickers guaranteed to keep their colors.

Thanks to these Vinyl Stickers, your skateboard will fear neither heat nor water.