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We've all seen guitars covered in stickers . Although it's a phenomenon that seems to be mostly practiced by beginners and young guitarists, after all, a well-placed sticker can easily add a cool degree of customization to your guitar.

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Are you looking for a pack of stickers to customize your skateboard? Want to give it the style it deserves by decorating it with the prettiest stickers the internet has to offer? Do you have ideas in mind but don't know where to start?

So welcome to our Top 15 Best Skateboard Stickers.

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A personalized skateboard, a lot of dreams!

There are different reasons to customize your skateboard and especially different ways to go about it.

We are therefore going to help you through this article to make your skateboard unique, by revealing the different possible techniques!

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The StickyStickers team used the Mini Cooper Countryman S of one of the new team members named Arthur.

It's a must when you join the StickyStickers team so he couldn't escape it.

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The great thing about Sticker Bombing is that you can give anything and everything a whole new face. Yes, almost any surface can be covered with Stickers.

Laptop, smartphone, car, motorcycle, furniture, skateboard, toilet bowl, pole, door, camera, turntables, camper van, bicycle, windows, fridge, tablet… You understood, the list is not exhaustive .

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