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From home, discover the world with our travel-themed stickers and decals. Let go by decorating your accessories or why not the walls of your home with adventurous and exotic themes.

Come take a look at our collection of Travel Stickers. By browsing the pages of our web store, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Find here a set of packs selected by our team that will be perfect to decorate your suitcase, your computer, your travel diary, your motorhome, your van and more.

Fly away with your personalized suitcase!

Just for you, our team has selected a set of perfect packs to spice up your suitcase.

Treat yourself to a pack of Country of the World Stickers, London Stickers, or our set of USA Stickers… and have fun showing off your style.

Affirm your love for travel and choose the model that suits you! Exotic, jungle, tribal and even vintage… at StickyStickers , we have exactly what you need.

Thus, by recovering your luggage at the airport, you will no longer have difficulty in recognizing them. So do not hesitate and customize them thoroughly! Our Travel Suitcase Stickers are waiting for you. 

Travel scrapbooking? Why not !

At this time when everything is going digital, everything related to stationery is now causing real enthusiasm. Did you notice it too?

So do things differently. Of course, keep your travel memories on your computers and smartphones, but also leave room for scrapbooking to tell your stories of discovering the four corners of the globe. Papers, maps, nice photos, Travel Theme Stickers of course and you're done!

Tip from the team: materialize your photos and memories by completing them with stickers, by creating a personalized album thanks to our wide range of travel stickers. 

Travel stickers for a 100% Globetrotter decoration!

Do you travel all the time and want to add a touch of fun to your luggage?

Push the doors of our online store, and you will find Vintage Travel Stickers and Travel Quote Stickers, ideal for adding color to your Wanderer life.

With super cool designs like the Surf Stickers Pack, our premium and super durable Travel Stickers will also allow you to Stick Bomb your computer or iPad, so you can take on the traveler style from head to toe.

Put some color on your old furniture!

Give your furniture a new look and give your decor a new look with our trendy travel-themed stickers. Sober, colorful or exotic, they will bring a warm touch to your interior decoration. 

Whether you prefer Vintage Travel Stickers or more modern stickers, we have everything to please you. Get started and push the boundaries towards London or New York or our packs dedicated to cities around the world.

Like our thousands of customers, don't wait any longer to find your pack of stickers and tell your travel anecdotes