ps5 decals

Want to customize your Playstation 5 to make it one of a kind? The PS5 Stickers have been specially designed to dress the PlayStation 5 with style and distinction, while providing it with additional protection.

Forget the signature look and personalize your console with the stickers of your choice from our PS5 Stickers Collection. As well as adding style and color to your PlayStation, our stickers provide excellent protection against dust, liquids and scratches.

Welcome to our collection for PS5

At lesStickyStickers, it's above all a passion for stickers with unlimited possibilities to personalize your console and create different looks that will cause a sensation every time!

Find in our collection of stickers for PS5, a "Skin" selection specially designed for the PlayStation 5. You will have a wide choice to personalize your console and its controllers. Because we know that your console is dear to you, you deserve to have a skin that looks like you. Something to surprise those around you and bring a unique character to your play area.

With our collection of PS5 Stickers , you will have the opportunity to make your console more attractive and even more remarkable. A great choice of customization with all the designs and styles to decorate your PlayStation 5 as you wish.

Quality PS5 skins in all colors

Do you want to give your console an out-of-the-ordinary style? Personalization with PS5 Stickers is a must. In our collection, we provide you with different models to revamp your console, but also its controllers. Super resistant and durable stickers dedicated exclusively to the PlayStation 5. We have chosen quality skins to offer you a customization solution perfectly adapted to your console.

Play with styles and make a splash with the colorful stickers from our selection. The Pink PS5 Stickers will notably add a casual and feminine touch of color while the Black PS5 Stickers will form a sumptuous set. Choose your favorite color to bring a new design to your console and take the opportunity to enhance the decor of your gaming space.

For an even more amazing customization, bet on the PS5 Military Camouflage Stickers or the PS5 White Stickers . Spectacular designs perfect for giving your console a custom look.

Protect your console from dust and scratches with our PS5 Stickers

In addition to giving a style that is totally out of the ordinary, our PS5 Skins will allow you to effectively protect your console from dust and scratches. Here, you can find stickers in different colors and various designs that will instantly transform your console but also ensure its protection.

Here is a way to make your game console one of a kind and extend its life. You will be surprised by its ability to protect your console from scratches it may suffer during dusting sessions or while you move it. In addition, our PS5 Stickers are designed in quality vinyl perfectly adapted to your console. No need to worry about decorating your PlayStation 5 and ensuring it is well protected.

Decorate your PlayStation 5 and get a one-of-a-kind console

For an incredible makeover, choose the PS5 Stickers of your choice from our collection. You can transform your console and easily differentiate it from that of others. From colorful PS5 Stickers, to Military themes, to super cool galactic images, you'll find a wide choice of customization in our amazing collection of PS5 Stickers .

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