Oculus Quest 2 Stickers

Bring an extra decorative touch to your interior with Oculus Quest 2 Stickers

Are you the proud owner of an Oculus Quest 2 headset? Do you want to change your look for a fun and unique style? Look no further, we have the solution!

theStickyStickers exclusively offer you a collection 100% dedicated to virtual reality headsets from the Oculus brand.

Very simply, all you have to do is stick on these stickers to get started in the shoes of Spiderman or Grendizer with:

For rugby fans, discover our set of Oculus Quest 2 All Blacks Stickers .

If you prefer a more understated or animalistic style, we have dozens of designs so feel free to explore the collection in more detail.

Oculus Quest 2 sticker for headset and controllers

Thanks to Oculus Quest 2 Stickers , you can now change the look of your headset and its controllers for less.

Designed to perfectly match the contours of your VR headset, our sets are composed of 3 stickers to fully customize the Oculus.

With an estimated lifespan of 5 years and more, these quality Stickers can also be easily removed if needed, without leaving any residue or glue.

Oculus Quest Stickers for everyone

Who said the console was made for boys only?

And yes ! at lesStickyStickers there is something for everyone. That's why we also thought of girls by creating a bunch of designs perfect for ladies and damsels.

If you like the leopard style, take a look at our Oculus Quest 2 Leopard Stickers Pack

There are also some Super Girly packs like the Oculus Quest 2 Pink Leopard Stickers pack or the Oculus Quest 2 Pink Zebra Stickers .

What to have the style from head to toe.